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These Girls Try To Achieve Kylie Jenner's Impossibly Thick Lips

Spoiler alert: The results aren't pretty.

To those who have been wondering how to get Kylie Jenner's thick lips but have failed every single time they've attempted, do not worry because you aren't the only one!

A couple of staff members from BuzzFeed followed a video tutorial on how to score Kylie's super pouty lips—and they were suprised to find out that they needed to use a lot of beauty products. Like, hello? Concealer around the lips? Uhh, what?

So, spoiler alert: It actually takes a whole lot of effort to score Kylie's perfect pout. One of the editors just gave up and recommended, "Get plastic surgery."

After watching this video, yeah, plastic surgery doesn't sound like a horrible idea, actually. 

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