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This Girl's Makeup Transformations Are Too Good For Life

Her skills are so on point that she transformed herself into a book. A BOOK!

Makeup artist Rebecca Swift took to Instagram to document her 100-day makeup transformation challenge, where she would use only makeup to turn herself into different A-list celebs and characters.

For starters, this is what Rebecca actually looks like:

And this is Rebecca as Captain Jack Sparrow:

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Her latest project is to transform herself into our favorite Latina, Sofia Vergara:

She's done Ellen De Generes:

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Business tycoon Donald Trump:

Pitch Perfect star and our spirit animal, Anna Kendrick:

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Super sassy witch Hermione Granger:

And your super caring and loving boyfriend Ryan Gosling:

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Ridiculous right!?

Her skills are so on point that she even transformed herself into the book from Hocus Pocus:

A BOOK YOU GUYS. What sorcery is all of this?!

Watch out Paolo Ballesteros, it seems like you have competition here.

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