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This Is How You Find The Right Shade Of Brow Product For You

You probably haven't heard of this one before.

Using the wrong shade of brow product can instantly ruin anyone’s look. It’s totally understandable though why women struggle to find the perfect shade with so many options in the market. (Who knew there were so many shades of natural brown?!)

We sat down and spoke to K-Palette Japan makeup artist Yuko Kameyama, and asked her the easiest way to determine the right brow color for you. “[Your] eyebrows are in between your eyes and hair. When choosing the color for your brows, the shade should be in between the color of your eyes and your hair,” she said.

Doesn’t that make so much sense?

“But if you’re talking about having dark eyes and platinum blonde hair, use a brow mascara to tint your brows to go a little lighter. That way your look will be softer,” she added. If you don’t own a brow mascara however, Yuko-san suggests using a thin layer of concealer or foundation over your brows before filling them in to lighten them.

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Another fantastic tip we picked up from Yuko-san about achieving natural-looking brows: “Don’t think of drawing on your eyebrows, think of filling them in.”

BRB, totally re-evaluating our brow routines. 


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