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This Is What You Can Do To Help Your Kilay Grow

So are the sins of the '90s still showing on your arches?

Women who have fallen victim to over-plucking their brows know the struggle of waiting for them to grow back. We’ve been bombarded with so many suggestions on how to grow back our precious arches: castor oil, growth serum, coconut oil, the list goes on and on.

In our recent interview with Benefit Cosmetics’ Global Brow Authority, Jared Bailey, however, we learned another trick that we are totally doing tonight.  

“For hair growth on whatever part of your body, you need proper circulation,” he said. “At night, when you put on your eye cream, give yourself a little massage on the under eye area and then take it up to your brows. That mini massage will help boost circulation to that area, promoting hair growth.”


Jared also suggests trying out Benefit’s It’s Potent! Eye Cream, because it contains cocoa extract which can help boost circulation on your brow area, helping your arches grow better.

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Yup, totally maqking this part of our P.M. skincare regimen.

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