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For Long-Lasting Makeup, Plunge Your Face Into A Bowl Of Cold H20

This Korean technique is called 'diving,' and we think we know why. LOL.
PHOTO: YouTube/BeautyTalkTV

Trust the K-beauty fans at the Asian Beauty Reddit to clue us in on what’s trending in the land of kimchi and Song Joong Ki! They just drew our attention to this makeup hack, and it’ll definitely make you go “WTF?”:

It’s called jamsu, which translates to—surprise, surprise—“diving.” If you were too lazy to watch the video above, you’d have missed how the model applied sunscreen and foundation, before setting her base with loose powder. The trick is to pile on and puff the powder liberally all over your face. But that’s not the best part.

She then drew in a super deep breath and PLUNGED her face into a bowl of cool water. We’re clueless when it comes to reading Hangul, but we *think* the editor tip that flashed on the screen mid-dive advises to split the time into two parts of 15 seconds each (unless, of course, you’re a mermaid or Michael Phelps). Reddit user cowjuice confirmed this, and added that you can also just spray or mist your face liberally with water.

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According to the video, diving results in makeup that won’t budge under tears, humidity, extremely hot weather, and constant face-touching. (Which is pretty much what you get with a killer primer-foundation-setting powder-setting spray combo anyway, right?) 

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