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This Makeup Tutorial Will Make You Rethink Your Beauty Routine

If you were to add a video to your favorites list on YouTube today, you better make it this one.

If you were to add a video to your favorites list on YouTube today, you better make it this one:

The inspiring girl on the video is Youtuber Anna Akana, who explains her process of “putting on her face.” But instead of how normal YouTube beauty gurus do it (use this palette to contour, fill in your brows with three products, combine two lipsticks, etc.), Anna decided to put in some major truth bombs about how women should really think when they do their makeup. 

She began by patting on a shimmery shadow all over her lids saying “dabble your eyes with optimism. It’s all about your perspective on the world.” She then added, “But you wanna be careful and not put too much optimism, or else you’ll be left with disappointment via your high expectation.”

Her second step also hit us hard: “Start aligning, shaping, and filling in your thoughts. Because we are our thoughts. Because if your thoughts are negative, self-deprecating or judgmental, guess where it’s gonna go? It’s gonna trickle down that beautiful face and make you ugly,” she said.

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Anna also pushes women to remember how important self-confidence is. That while makeup can help mask insecurities, it’s really up to you and how you carry yourself. “Does what you do out here [your face] match what you what you feel in here [your heart]? Because I believe that confidence and how you carry yourself is going to affect more of your relationships than anything else. If everywhere you come from is an insecure and an inadequate-feeling place, you’re not gonna be a very fun person to be around,” she said.

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She concludes her video with a very powerful line: “The message of this video is pretty obvious: take care of this [your face] but also take care of everything behind it as well.” And we completely agree!

Well done, Anna. Well done.

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