This Quick Brow Tutorial Is For Every Girl With No Kilay

Ladies, there is hope.

We just found this jaw-dropping tutorial by YouTube star NikkieTutorials where she demonstrated how she easily turns her naturally thin and sparse brows into its full and voluminous perfection:

If you have very thin and sparse brows, here’s how you can transform your arches:

1. Outline your brows. Master the shape you want your brows to be by lightly outlining them using a brow pencil. Don’t worry if you don’t get it right the first time—just keep practicing.

2. Use a thicker product to fill in your brows. In her tutorial, Nikkie used a brow pomade/gel to fill in her brows. Those are a little harder to use, so if you’re a beauty rookie, you can opt for brow pencils, powders, or liquids to do light, hair-like strokes to bulk up your brows.

3. Seal everything in. To lock your brows in place, you can either use a clear or tinted brow mascara. These make sure that your kilay will be on point all day.

4. If it looks too harsh, blend it out. If you feel like your brows are making you long angry, blend the edges out using a buffing brush that still has some leftover foundation. If you feel like you need to fill in more spots, go back with an angled brush dipped in a bit of brow powder.

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