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This Viral K-Beauty Hack Will Make Your Foundation Look ~*Flawless*~

k-beauty hack for a flawless foundation
PHOTO: TikTok/erikatitus

Korean foundation spatulas have been going viral on the beauty side of TikTok (aka, BeautyTok) as of late, with almost 10 million views on the hashtag alone. And of course, we're so here for the hype.

Confused as to what this entails? Well, allow me to explain: the tool – which really does look like an itsy bitsy kitchen spatula – has been designed to create the thinnest layer of foundation possible, so that your skin still looks like skin. Meaning we can wave goodbye to the cakey look and hello to a flawless base.

Whilst many makeup artists, influencers and creators have used and tried out this technique, it originally became popularised in South Korea, making this a K-beauty trend. TikTok creator Erika Titus (who, personally, is one of my faves... she's hilarious) shared a video just over a month ago trying out the spatula technique for herself.

Since uploading, her minute-long tutorial has gained over 7.5 million views and 2 million likes, making this a viral hit. Watch below:


i will be purchasing a makeup spatula ????

? original sound - Erika

As shown, the first step is to apply your chosen foundation to the back of your hand and then swipe the tool thinnest side down – or as Erika instructs: "sideways" – to pick up the product. Then, you apply it to the face.

Alas, since her initial video, creators and MUAs alike have come out with their own adaptation of how to use the spatula. And to our delight, Erika just tried one popular recommendation out for herself. "I've been using it wrong", she says, explaining that instead of "cutting down the middle", you should pick up the product by swiping the foundation edge.


See Erika's demonstration for yourselves here:

@erikatitus @Taxinoodle ? original sound - Erika

I don't know about you but the results have my mind blown. BRB, I've gotta try this out ASAP!


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