Beauty Hacks To Stay ~*Fresh*~ During Fun Fearless Life Cebu

Because we sure have a lot of events lined up for you from May 27-28!
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From May 27-28, 2016, we’re bringing Fun Fearless Life to Cebu’s Garden Bloc at IT Park—and we prepared a busy, fun-filled schedule just for you! Take note that the main event on May 28 will be held outdoors—so we prepared handy tips to keep you ~*fresh*~. But first, check out our pre-game plan:

FIRST UP: #CosmoCafe 

Hang out with us at @boscoffee on May 27 and don't forget to snap a selfie! Use the hashtag #CosmoCafe for your post, and present it to enter the main event on May 28 at Cebu IT Park.

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UP NEXT: See you at the following bars for #CosmoCocktailHour!


Drop by @thedistillerycebu on May 27 and don't forget to pose with your Cosmo cocktails! Use the hashtag #cosmococktailhour for your post, and present it to enter the main event on May 28 at Cebu IT Park.

2. LIV

Email us your name + four (4) of your girl friends' names at with the subject "COSMO LIV GUEST LIST" by May 25, 5 p.m. to enter for free! When you get there on Friday, use the hashtag #cosmococktailhour for your post and present it to enter the main event on May 28 at Cebu IT Park.

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Credits: Cosmopolitan Philippines

Now, onto our beauty hacks to stay fresh during the event!

1. Come prepared

Swipe on a deodorant and antiperspirant that will withstand the weather. You’ll smell good all day long! Also, come prepared with your favorite touch-up kikay kit that contains powder, perfume, a face mist, hand sanitizer, and all your other day -to-day essentials.

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2. Protect your hair

Whether you decide to sport a cap or put your hair up in a bun, work in a sun-protecting hair product to make sure your locks won’t dry out and get damaged.

3. Slather on the SPF

Sun protection is key! Save yourself from potential photo damage by using a broad spectrum sunscreen as the last step of your skincare routine, prior to makeup application.

4. Use a primer

Even out your skintone and, most importantly, prolong the wear of your makeup by priming your face before putting on your foundation. It’s the true anti-hulas secret.

5. Waterproof everything!

When you know you’ll be sweating, reach for your favorite waterproof makeup products. Here are ours:

6. Opt for liquid lippies

Make a statement by using long-wearing liquid lipsticks to paint your pout. They’re waterproof, sweat-proof, and hey, even some are MOMOL-proof!

7. Spray your perfume on your “hot spots”

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Here’s a guide on that!

8. Bust out your face mist.

Set your makeup with your trusty face mist to score that dewy ganda lang finish. Throw it in your purse and use it to freshen up throughout the day.

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