10 Valentine's Day Eyeshadow Ideas That Aren't Basic AF

You'll ~fall in love~ with these looks.
PHOTO: (left) instagram/ctilburymakeup; (right) instagram/geraldinerivera

Do you feel that? That warm, fuzzy feeling? Yup, love is in the freaking air. Well, almost, 'cause Valentine's Day is right around the corner. And no matter what you have planned, trust me when I say you don't want to wear the same old makeup you do every day. It's time to dust off those palettes you never use—you know the ones—and try these Valentine's Day eyeshadow ideas I found on Insta just for you. They're fun, colorful, and most importantly, *suuuuuper* cute. Screenshot your faves and get ready to look fire come February 14th.

  1. This Light-Pink Valentine's Day Eyeshadow Idea

    The first time I saw this pic on Insta, I saved it, screenshotted it, and proceeded to send it to all of my friends. I mean, how good is this look?! It's monochromatic without being too matchy-matchy, and pink without being too Barbie. Basically, you need to recreate this look for Valentine's Day (or, tbh, any other day of the year).

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  2. This Pink Glitter Valentine's Day Eyeshadow Idea

    What better day to go all out with glitter than Valentine's Day? Go full glam with a pink shimmer shadow that's equal parts show-stopping and super, super pretty.

  3. This Free-Floating Valentine's Day Eyeshadow Idea

    Okay, so this pick is a little more abstract, but if you're looking to take a risk with your eyeshadow on Valentine's Day, this is it. I repeat: GO FOR IT. This free-floating look is soooo cute, and it will make you look really freakin' cool.

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  4. This Glossy Valentine's Day Eyeshadow Idea

    Glossy lids: You've seen them all over Instagram and the runways. Don't be afraid to try out this trend for Valentine's Day—anyone can do it, even if you're a beauty newbie. Tap on a cream eyeshadow and then layer a face gloss on top.

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  5. This Pink-Hearted Valentine's Day Eyeshadow Idea

    What would this roundup be if I didn't include at least one Valentine's Day eyeshadow idea with hearts? It doesn't have to be cheesy or extra—use a pink pencil eyeliner and draw small hearts around your eye.

  6. This Smoky-Red Valentine's Day Eyeshadow Idea

    You can still wear your go-to smoky eye on Valentine's Day—you just need to switch up the color. Instead of doing a gray or black color, go bold and smoke out a red shadow over your lids.

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  7. This Smoky-Pink Valentine's Day Eyeshadow Idea

    Not into the idea of a red smoky eye? Don't stress—you can do a dark pink one instead. Isn't this look so dreamy? It's romantic (lol) without being corny.

  8. This Purple Valentine's Day Eyeshadow Idea

    Take a page out of beauty guru Desi Perkins' book and swipe a striking purple eyeshadow on your lids this Valentine's Day. If you want to add even more color, blend in a pink eyeshadow just below your brow bone.

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  9. This Neon-Pink Valentine's Day Eyeshadow Idea

    You don't have to stick to just pastels this Valentine's Day. Stay on-trend and add a pop of color with a bright neon-pink eyeshadow. It'll definitely make a statement.

  10. This Bronze Valentine's Day Eyeshadow Idea

    Hey, you don't have to wear a bright eyeshadow on Valentine's Day if you don't want to. Opt for a neutral hue, like this gilded bronze shadow, for a more subtle look.

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