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We Found Eyeliners That Self-Sharpen!

Your beauty nerd BFF will totally love this for Christmas.

A no-smudge, waterproof eyeliner is hard to come by. But a no-smudge, waterproof eyeliner that can sharpen the tip on its own, without a sharpener? Yeah, that doesn't exist, right?

Actually, it does.

Smashbox released their 2014 Holiday Collection recently, and their On The Rocks Always Sharp Liner set is our fave! The five-piece collection comes in the most festive shades: Raven (black); Sumatra (chocolate brown); Orchid (a glittery pink); Midnight (a deep, dark blue), and 3D On The Rocks (metallic grey).


So how do the eyeliners sharpen themseles? The twist cap actually files the pencil every time you twist the cover off, literally making your eyeliner "always sharp." 

The liners go on creamy, but can withstand your sweaty, 60-minute Zumba class (we tried it, trust us). And unlike most liners, they're incredibly easy to remove with a water- or oil-based makeup cleanser, so you don't have to worry about tugging the skin under your eye too much.

It's the perfect gift for your beauty nerd BFF (but we totally won't judge if you buy the set for yourself).

The Smashbox On The Rocks Always Sharp Liner Set is available at all Beauty Bar stores for P2,250.

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