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We're Calling It! This Is The Only Toothpaste You'll Ever Need For Your Pearly Whites

Achieve an ANTM-approved smile with this Cosmo Beauty Award winner!
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A great smile is one way of lighting up a room. It's a Cosmo girl's best accessory to looking approachable, attractive, and confident. It's also one of the best beauty secrets of models like the the gorgeous Filipina contestants from the third cycle of Asia’s Next Top Model. Throughout the show, the three women proved that you can't be picture-perfect or runway-ready without your pearly whites. But other than being a great accessory, what are some of the other benefits of having an amazing set of teeth?

You'll look younger

Taking care of your teeth will not only give you fresh breath, but an aura of freshness as well, just like Amanda Bianca Chan’s radiant glow. The 17-year-old’s bright smile, coupled with her equally bright personality, is the secret to looking younger.  

People will see your healthy habits

Does she drink a lot of alcohol? Is she eating the right food? How's her hygiene? These are just some questions that can be answered by just observing someone's chompers. Not only does having clean, white teeth convey good beauty habits, but it also shows that you take care of every inch of your body and its well-being.

Franchesca Denise Lagua is one of the more experienced models in the lovely trio. With her attractive smile, it’s totes obvious that she sticks to healthy habits to help make her smile prettier no matter how busy she gets with commercial ads and fashion shows. 

It will help you break out of your shell

No more pretending to be a wallflower. With whiter teeth and a sassy smile, you'll instantly have a boost of confidence to be more active, outgoing, and unafraid of talking to that hunky Cosmo Bachelor.

You could even have the courage to pursue what you really love and beat the odds, just like Monika Sta. Maria. It was Monika’s second time to audition for the show after failing to make it in Season 2. But this time, with a whole lot of determination, hard work, and an amazing smile, she got in and closed this ANTM season as a runner-up.

And what's the best way to achieving that winning, ANTM-approved smile? It's by using 2015 Cosmo Beauty Award winner for Best Toothpaste, Closeup Diamond Attraction.

By using Blue Light Technology, Closeup Diamond Attraction can give your teeth the instant whiteness it deserves. Blue covarine foam is the secret ingredient that coats the surface of the teeth and neutralizes unwanted yellow tones, making teeth look whiter in the process. And with added whitening ingredients like silica, your smile will only get whiter and more attractive as you use it over time.


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