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We're Not Sure We Want To Try Out Clown Contouring

Hard pass on this trend.

First there was contouring, then strobing, then baking. Now, another makeup trend is blowing up on the Internet called clown contouring. Here’s a quick look:

The main difference between clown contouring and classic contouring is the addition of a color correcting concealer drawn as a reverse triangle under the eyes and a cream blush drawn on as a circle on the apples of the cheeks—just like a clown.

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YouTuber and makeup artist Belladelune explains that her video is actually just for fun. “Let’s face it, makeup is fun and it’s a way of expressing yourself. Personally, I cannot tell you I have been called a clown and many other names because of the way I use this art form. And I just did this to show you what a real payaso looks like,” she said. She even draws a reverse moon to highlight her forehead and a poop emoji on her temple that she eventually all blends out.

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But according to celebrity makeup artist Wayne Goss, the technique is actually nothing new. In fact, he explains that it has been around since the '60s and was used by celebrity makeup artist Joe Blasco. Here’s his take on it:

Both Belladelune and Wayne Goss showed how amazing the results of clown contouring could be if the products are applied and blended out properly. Sure, their videos are pretty mesmerizing and it looks super fun to do, but we’re not sure we want to try out this technique for ourselves—so we're taking a hard pass on this one. What do you think of clown contouring, CGs?

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