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You Can Now Do Your Own Wedding Makeup Like A Pro, Thanks To This *Free* Online Masterclass

Perfect for low-key brides.
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/jellyeugenio, (RIGHT) YouTube/@jungsaemmool

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed how we go about our lives, and this includes the limiting of social gatherings like weddings to follow physical distancing guidelines. One good example is Richard Guttierez and Sarah Lahbati. They chose to have a low-key civil ceremony instead of the lavish church nuptials they've originally planned.

There are other stories of Pinoy couples who wore t-shirts and jeans to their wedding, streamed their ceremony via a Zoom video call, and then there's Sarah, who kept her look low-key. The trend now is to pare down to essentials. Brides and grooms would rather focus on the real priority: To be husband and wife and show their lifetime commitment to each other.


Until no cure or vaccine for COVID-19 is discovered, it's safer to have a low-key wedding ceremony. You can opt for a small gathering, wear a simple dress, and maybe be your own bridal glam team. Not only you'll save money on makeup artist fees, but your look will have a personal touch—which is priceless. 

We found a *free* online makeup masterclass that teaches a bridal no-makeup look! It covers everything you need to learn from base application to eyeshadow techniques. It's in Korean, but the English subtitles are clear and the pro MUA's voiceover explains each step very well. Check out the videos below and start practicing!

Wedding Makeup Part 1: Base, Contour, and Blush

Lovely Wedding Makeup - Base

Wedding Makeup Part 2: Eye makeup

Lovely Wedding Makeup - Eyeshadow, Eyeliner

Wedding Makeup Part 3: Finishing touches

Lovely Wedding Makeup - Lashes, Eyebrows, Lips

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