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What's The Perfect Red Lippie For Your Skin Tone?

Do you have your signature red yet?

Regardless of your skin tone, age, or job, you should have at LEAST one go-to look-at-me red lip color that can easily take you from day to night. To save you the hassle of heading to the makeup counter and trying on one million shades of red—we found a collection that we think will be ~*perf*~ for you.

L’Oreal just released a new line of fabulous matte red lipsticks called the Color Riche Collection Star Matte Reds. The collection carries eight different shades of reds that will cater to any and every Asian skin tone. These lippies are also very affordable, as each tube costs P400.

The lippies aren't drying, glide on smoothly, and surprisingly last past lunch. #winning

Here are the suggested lippies for each skin tone:


Red Lipstick Is For EveryonePure Amaranthe, Pure Scarleto, Pure Vermeil

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Red Lipstick Is For EveryonePure Rouge, Pure Brick, Pure Ruby


Red Lipstick Is For EveryonePure Fire, Pure Garnet

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Of course, you’re definitely not limited to the shades that fall under your skin tone. ('s Assistant Managing Editor Sandra is morena, while I'm fair-skinned and we're both obsessed with Pure Garnet!). So go experiment and have fun with the shades.

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