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What To Do When Your Foundation Sucks

Let's give it one more shot, shall we?

The moment you find the foundation that makes you look like you have your life together, never let it go. 

But if you’re unfortunately stuck with a bottle of barely-used foundation that you don’t want to throw out just yet, here are some hacks that might help you use it.

If it’s too light:

Use it as a highlighter. Use the foundation to bring out your features by applying it on the high points of your face—on the bridge of your nose, under your brows, on your cheeks, upper lip, and chin. Make it work by blending the product into your skin using a damp sponge.

Mix it. If you also have a darker foundation, try combining the two to get your desired shade. You can also do this trick with a liquid or gel bronzer.

Consider bronzers and powders. Try using the foundation as you normally would and then use a darker powder to seal it in. Warm up your skin tone some more by using a bronzer.

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If it’s too dark:

Add moisturizer. Sheer out your liquid foundation by adding some moisturizer. The result? Glow-y, hydrated skin!

Use it to contour. Add dimension to your face by using a cream or liquid foundation on the hollows of your cheeks, your temples, and on your nose line. Don’t forget to blend.

Save it for the summer. Your skin tone changes as the season does. Having a darker foundation will come in handy during the summer, especially after going on a beach trip.


If it makes your skin look darker or orange midday:

This probably means that you have acidic skin. Fix this issue by going for a foundation that is one shade lighter than your natural skin tone.

If it looks patchy on your skin:

Your skin is probably too dry. Apply a generous layer of moisturizer to prep your skin. Let a few minutes pass and then apply your foundation. Also, consider the way you apply your foundation—are you blending it in enough? 

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If it stings:

Guuuuurl make up was not made to make your skin sting! Take it off immediately. If you notice bumps, rashes, or any signs of irritation on your skin and you suspect that it’s from your foundation, stop using it. Schedule an appointment with your dermatologist to be safe.

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