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What To Do With Expired Makeup

Don't toss them out just yet!

Eyeshadows & Pigments

Mix your expired, flaky eye shadow or pigments with clear nail polish. You’ll have a new color for your nails instantly!


Whether you like it or not, you have to toss your mascara after three months. Bacteria builds up and you will be at greater risk of contracting nasty eye infections if you keep using it.

What you can do, however, is to save the wand. Clean and disinfect the wand, and you’ll have an instant spoolie! Check out the uses of spoolies here.

Nail Polish

Use your old nail polish to personalize and label your stuff. A lot of makeup artists paint the tips of their brush handles with nail lacquer to keep them from mixing with other people’s tools. 

Eyeliners and Lip Pencils

If you find yourself with a ton of dried up makeup pencils, turn them into regular pencils instead. You can use them to mark the walls if you’re doing home improvement projects, because they’re pretty easy to wipe off.


Dried up lipstick

Take your lipstick and chop off whatever’s left and put it on a spoon. Place the spoon on top of a flame and let it melt. Once the lipstick has turned into liquid, mix it with a bit of petroleum jelly, and you now have a new tinted lip balm. 

Do you have any tips on how you can use expired cosmetics? Let us know my commenting below!

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