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What To Do With Lipsticks You Forgot You Had

Lipstick addicts, this one's for you.

How many times have you cleaned one of your old bags only to find a tube of lipstick inside it? You pop open the cap, smell the bullet and realize that it’s still not past its due date. Here are some suggestions on how you can repurpose your lippies: 

Turn it into tinted lip balm.  Mix a chunk of the lipstick with a clear lipbalm using a spoon or a clean makeup spatula. Transfer the mixture to a small, clean contatiner. Now you’ll get soft, hydrated puckers with a hint of color.

Make your own lip gloss. Maybe your tita sent you a tube of lipstick that is a little too dark for your liking, so you don’t ever use it alone. To make it more wearable, scrape off a bit of the product and mix it with some clear gloss or petroleum jelly—these will sheer it out. Do the mixing on the back of your hand, to warm up the product, making application smoother. 

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Use it as cream blush. Can’t wear it on your lips? Try it your cheeks instead! Take some of the product on the back of your hand. Add a drop or two of your facial oil and mix them together. Use your fingers or a stippling brush and apply your new long-wearing cream blush on your cheeks.

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Layer it. Mix your lipsticks with whatever you’re currently using and create ~*new*~ shades. No need to buy more lipsticks!

Use it to cover your tattoo. You read that right! Use a red lipstick and apply it on the area that you want to hide. The red hue of the lipstick will serve as a neutralizer. Once it sets, apply a full-coverage concealer, set with some powder, and your tattoo will be gone. Easy as that!

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