Why You Should Consider The No-Makeup Look On Your Wedding Day

It's not about wearing less product, for starters!
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It's pretty uncommon for brides to choose the no-makeup look on their wedding day. They want to feel glam and extremely fab—and we think that's totally fine. Who wouldn't want to look ~extra~ on the day she marries The One?

But maybe, for the future Mrs.-to-bes, you should try considering a barely-there look. It's not about wearing less product; it's the overall effect of putting on eyeshadow, blush, and lipstick in shades close to your skin tone. The key here is to look like an enhanced version of yourself. For example: Taupe on the lids, dusty rose on the apples, and an MLBB lippie on the pout.

Let me tell you why it's worth trying:

It's hot in the Philippines.

We've known our country to have 90 percent hot weather since birth. So, wearing lightweight bases will help your skin breathe and you'll worry less about your makeup melting and sliding off. This is the major reason why getting airbrush makeup is highly recommended. Its thin veil of pigment offers coverage without feeling too thick.

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You look more youthful.

Your natural features are more striking when you use colors that aren't too bold. But for brides who still want to look ~extra~, they can go cray with highlighters on the cheekbones and maybe some lip gloss!

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It's a classic look.

10 years from now, you won't have to cringe at your trendy makeup choices in your wedding photos. You'll actually look more like yourself, which makes it timeless.

It's Royal Wedding-approved.

Okay, this is a bit of a stretch, but if Meghan Markle, aka the Duchess of Sussex, pulled it off during one of the major weddings of the century, then it's perfectly alright to do the same, too! 

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Now the biggest challenge is how to actually pull it off on the day you say "I do." Here's how:

Take care of your skin

Not to pressure you to have perfect, porcelain skin, but keeping it healthy and nourished would help heaps. You can see a derma for a ~*glow by glow*~ lesson on how to get fewer breakouts. Alternatively, you can turn to a skincare regimen that has been working for you for a long time.

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Look back at both your old and recent photos.

From here, you can tell your signature look, and what features you want to highlight on your wedding day. Do you like your brows bold or feathery? Are you into winged liners or softly smudged shadows? It's like you're aiming for your everyday ~lewk~ but better! 

Talk to your makeup artist.

Being open with your MUA and listening to his or her creative and professional input can help you ace your radiant bride look. Bring pegs on your trial makeup session and give prompt feedback if you spot anything that's not in line with what you want.

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