Why You Still Look Tired Even With Makeup On

Make sure to never commit any of these beauty crimes, girls.

You skipped moisturizer and sunscreen.
Nothing screams exhausted more than dull and dry skin. Even with a bad hangover, be sure to start your makeup routine with a light moisturizer and SPF to hydrate and protect your face. Follow it up with primer before layering foundation.

Speaking of foundation! You're probably OD-ing on it.
While a matte foundation is fantastic for oily skin, it has a tendency to dry out your skin and make you look tired. Instead, go for a luminizing foundation to give you that lit-from-within glow. Want to save time and money? Mix your foundation with a bit of liquid highlighter instead.

Be sure to apply your powder only on your T-zone—and don't over do it. If you have oily skin, use oil-blotting sheets or tissue before reapplying your powder.

You skipped adding color.
Skipping blush and bronzer will make you appear washed out, so use a lip and cheek mousse to make you look fresh. Just dot a bit onto your cheeks and use your fingers to blend. Go for a rose or a peach-pink blush to give you a healthy glow. Sweep a bit of bronzer to add dimension.

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You're using the wrong shade of concealer.
Use a concealer one shade lighter than your skin tone. If you’re concerned about dark under-eye circles and acne, go for correcting concealers instead. Another important tip is to apply makeup in natural light—so yes, do your makeup inside the car, or by a window.

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Your eyeliner is too harsh.
Skip the black eyeliner and go for a navy or a brown one instead. Use a nude kohl pencil to line the inner rim of your lower lash line. Then, sweep on a light shimmery eyeshadow onto your lids.

You skipped mascara.
For days when you’re just super tired, skip applying mascara on your bottom lashes, as you might just end up accentuating your eye bags.

You didn't touch up.
It happens: some days you get too caught up with work and school that you forget to take a look in the mirror until you get home. While we’re not saying that you should constantly check yourself out, it really does pay to have a compact mirror inside your kikay kit.

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