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You'll Never Do Your Winged Eyeliner The Same Way Again After Seeing This TikTok Hack

It's *the* secret to getting that sexy gaze.
PHOTO: Instagram/icey_m0, Tiktok/@iceym0

If it hasn't been obvious yet, TikTok has taken over my life. It's filled with bite-sized versions of YouTube makeup tutorials that are definitely perfect for my short attention span. The latest I've seen is a clever eyeliner hack that's made for chinitas and those with hooded eyelids.

TikTok user @iceymo posted a quick tutorial on how Asian eye shapes can pull off the very 2020 look, the foxy eye. This eyeliner trick elongates the peepers and creates the illusion of a facelift. Bella Hadid is always seen sporting this look.

@iceymo recommends that you extend the wing sideways instead of upward. This technique is also MUA-approved—Albert Kurniawan and Kristel Yap swear by this trick! To create that foxy eye effect, she suggests that you take a flat brush, dip it into a matte brown eyeshadow, and deposit the pigment on the inner corner of the eye. Clean up the edges with concealer to sharpen your look. 

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Here's how it looks like on her—sassy and sharp!

Watch the quick tutorial here so you can try it out yourself:


i saw some girls say they couldn’t do this cus of their asian eyes but here’s how i do it

? HEARTLESS kanye west remix - emm3ttt

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