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How To Create The Perfect Winged Liner For Hooded Eyes, According To This Pinay YouTuber

Don't rush yourself.
PHOTO: Youtube/Johnreyslife

Creating the perfect winged eyeliner can be a struggle if you have hooded eyes because you don't have much lid space to work with. There's also a tendency for your hard work to ~disappear~ the minute you open your eyes! it can be quite hard and disheartening to attempt a perfect flick, but that dilemma ends today.

YouTuber Johnreyslife, whose signature makeup look includes winged eyeliner, *finally* uploaded a tutorial on how she scores perfect sharp flicks for her hooded eyelids. We took down notes (obviously), and here's everything we learned. Keep on scrolling to know more:

Johnrey started off the video by listing down the most common winged eyeliner mistake that most of us do: Drawing our winged liner with our eyes closed. While this technique might make sense because there's more space to work with, ~trouble~ starts when we open our eyes. The folds on our lids tend to "eat" up the liner, causing them to look wonky and uneven.

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After, Johnrey shared her two tried-and-tested tips for creating sharp feline flicks that are hooded eye-friendly:

  1. Use a black or brown eyeshadow to map out the winged liner's shape.

    According to Johnrey, using eyeshadow first to draw your winged liner is ideal because it's easier to remove if you mess up. To create a precise line, she uses a small angled brush. She also looks straight ahead while doing this step to make sure that the flick is still visible when she opens her eyes. After, she takes a regular brush tip eyeliner to fill it in.

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  2. Start drawing your winged liner from where your eye fold ends.

    To guarantee that your hard work won't disappear when you open your eyes, Johnrey recommends drawing your winged eyeliner from the tail of your flick and stopping before you reach the crease. After, just connect it to your lash line by going diagonally and fill it in.

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Watch Johnrey's full tutorial here:


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