Beauty Hacks You Should NEVER Try

Because some hacks are too good to be true.
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Some beauty hacks on the internet are too good to be true. In this Reddit thread, 10 women share the worst hair, skin, and makeup hacks they’ve ever tried:

1. "Lit an eyeliner pencil with a lighter to soften it. It worked, except I didn't wait for it to cool down and burned the crap outta my eye. 16 year old me was not the smartest." - thats_way_harsh_tai

2. "I read online a recipe for a hair mask that included conditioner, olive oil, and an egg (beaten). When I got in the shower to rinse it off, the water was too hot and it cooked the egg in my hair. I had bits of scrambled egg in my hair for 3 days." - twpop

3. "DIY face mask with turmeric as the main ingredient.... it stained my face orange :(" - sysysysysy

4. "I once tried a sharpie instead of eyeliner back in highschool because I was going through my "goth" phase and thought it would let me get a thicker line. Oh god no" - RobinAllDay

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5. "Putting eyeliner on your eyelash curler to make putting eyeliner on easier. It just does not work." - craigsfez

6. "Well, I've used Chapstick as an eye shadow primer. I have greasy eyelids to begin with, so it did not end well. Oh, I also used hairspray as a setting spray.. my poor skin." - MariaaFri

7. "Used tea-tree oil on my face to help with acne. Except I didn't read the fine print on the back where it said it should be diluted, and ended up with really bad chemical burns." - taygurl

8. "Using baking soda on my face as a 'gentle exfoliant,' resulted in some seriously broken capillary beds!" - beryllium_sandwich

9. "Using olive oil to remove eye makeup. I even used an organic kind and it still made my eyes burn like crazy. Never again." - Tekkiru

10. "I tried a DIY gelatin mix to make a nose mask for black heads. It's supposed to work like a pore strip. It dried harder than a diamond and didn't want to come off; the pain was intense. The things is, I saw it in a YT by Kim Pham or some other known personality and they made it look so easy and effective. Now I know it was just YT magic." - queenbella8546

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