These Are Yassi Pressman’s Prettiest Makeup Looks

She's a fan of fresh-faced MOTDs!
PHOTO: Instagram/yassipressman

When it comes to makeup, Yassi Pressman likes to keep it real with fresh-faced looks—rosy cheeks, pink lips, earth-toned eyeshadow. It’s no-makeup makeup at its best.

But she also knows how to play up her best features, drawing attention to her big, expressive eyes and full lips. When she’s going for a low-key MOTD, it’s strong brows, long lashes, and MLBBs. When she wants to kick her makeup look up a notch, it’s wingtips, colorful eyeliner, and bold lip colors.

Here are 15 of Yassi’s prettiest makeup looks. Go ahead, find your peg!

  1. We love Yassi’s fresh-faced, natural-flush look. Definitely a 10/10.

  2. We approve of her feathered brows!

  3. Makeup artist Mikka Marcaida keeps everything else muted and draws the eyes to Yassi’s luscious red lips. L-O-V-E!

  4. Those cheeks be poppin’, thanks to strategically placed highlights.

  5. Yassi schools us on how to do the no-makeup makeup look: Simply focus on having an all-natural lip color and groomed brows.

  6. Yassi’s pretty peepers draw you right in thanks to those full brows and long, full lashes.

  7. All dolled up—literally—with her big, bright eyes and full lips! 

  8. Winged eyeliner makes this glam makeup look take flight.

  9. Makeup artist Anthea Bueno's play with earthy tones made Yassi look like a goddess!

  10. Doesn’t she look just like a princess? Taking a break from her usual matte lips, she goes glossy for a change.

  11. A little bit of drama never hurt anyone. Bright blue eyeliner takes this wingtip to the next level.

  12. This MOTD proves that Yassi has mastered the no-makeup look.

  13. Mauve + Matte = 100

  14. Nothing beats a good berry lipstick shade when you want to make a statement.

  15. Let's thank MUA/sister Issa Pressman for giving Yassi the dreamiest, glowing MOTD.

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