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You Can Totally Put Your Lipstick On Even Without A Mirror

#lifehack, really!

The next time you’re stuck at the back of your car without a compact mirror in hand, try this trick!

In an interview with, Chelsa Crowley, co-founder of Stowaway Cosmetics and former online freelancer at Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, revealed a life-changing hack to make lipstick application without a mirror possible. Here’s how:

1. Because it’s so easy to mess up application on your upper lip, start by applying your lipstick on your lower lip.

2. Press your lips together to transfer the pigment from your lower lip to your upper lip. Remember not to rub your lips together.

3. Using your pinky, wipe the product to fill in your cupid’s bow and wipe off any excess product that may have gotten outside your lips. And that’s it!

Sounds easy, right? We tried this hack here at the Cosmo HQ, and it actually works! Try out this trick and let us know if it works for you, too!

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