You Have To Watch How 100 Years' Worth Of Beauty Trends Have Evolved

In a minute!

Well, this is pretty cool. released a time lapse video about how beauty trends have changed over the last century and the results are amazing.

The model starts out with having slightly flushed cheeks, a curly, side-swept ponytail, and minimal lip color (1910), and then ends up with subtle, smoky brown eyes, false lashes, and the perfect my-lips-but-better shade—while taking a #selfie.

Judging from the video, we think the ladies in the 1930s (fingerwaves were soo chic, but ridiculously time-consuming!) and the 1940s (hello, pin up-style hair!) had the most fun with beautywhat do you think?

What's your favorite decade in terms of beauty trends, CGs?

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