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You'll Never Guess What You Can Do To Get Rid Of Your Blackheads

Really, you won't.

Instagram/Huda Beauty

Blackheads are a bitch. Even after buying the most potent and expensive scrubs, peels, and masks, they just keep coming back.

Today, we discovered a ridiculous hack women are doing to get rid of their blackheads: by using GLUE. Yup, the same kind you use for arts and crafts! Dubai-based beauty guru Huda Kattan debuted the weird trick on her Instagram and we literally said “WTF?!”

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On her YouTube page, she uploaded a video demonstrating how to do the hack. She first took off her makeup on the area, then went on to spread a layer of glue. She let it dry—which apparently took 20 minutes—and slowly peeled it off, revealing that the layer or dried up glue was able to pick up more blackheads than her usual nose strip. Interesting.

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While this hack seems like it’s actually effective, we’re not sure if we want to do it on ourselves. According to Dr. Kaycee Reyes M.D., D.C.D, M.S.c, of Luminisce, "Nose strips consist of one side coated with adhesive. But they contain noncomedogenic—meaning they won't cause acne—and hypoallergenic—meaning they won't trigger any allergies—ingredients." 

"The thing with glue is that some people have allergies with some of its components," she adds. Dr. Kaycee also explains that the best way to address blackheads is to use keratolytics that disintigrate dead skin cells. "Examples are salicylic acid, glyocolic acids, and retinoids. They also have degreasing powers," she adds.

Would you try this hack?

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