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Your Concealer Can Save Your Brows

We're serious!

Do you have areas on your brows that your brow product just can’t seem to cling on to? Like, no matter how hard you try to fill in that annoying bald spot with a pencil or powder, the product just won't stay? Yeah, we totally get you. 

Apparently, the solution is super easy—all you’ll need is your trusty concealer.

After filling in your brows, take a bit of concealer and apply it on the bald spot. Let it set for a bit and then go back and fill it in again. The brow product will stick to the concealer, so you won't have a bald spot any longer. This trick also works well for women with thin, almost non-existent eyebrows.

You can also use your concealer to highlight the area under your brow bone to make your features pop. If you want sharp, dramatic brows: Dab a little concealer around your brow area to clean up the edges. 

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Try out this trick and let us know what you think, CGs! 

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