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YouTubers' Beauty Skills Are Tested With The 'Opposite Hand Challenge'

We dare you to try this, CGs!
PHOTO: YouTube/KathleenLights

The Internet is never short of crazy makeup challenges—remember the one with 100 layers of makeup? But this new challenge, albeit less shocking than others from before, seriously put all your favorite beauty YouTubers' makeup skillz to the test. Say hello to the opposite hand challenge—where a complete face of makeup is done using the "weaker" hand!

Check out how a few of your favorite vloggers did:

While she unintentionally overdrew a few things, of course NikkieTutorials still ended up creating a flawless look.

LOL, MannyMUA had such a hard time bronzing his right cheek!

It's okay to apply makeup with a heavy hand, Kathleen—we've all been there!

Even though Em held a few products awkwardly, she still looked gorgeous in the end. <3

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