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UPDATED: PH University Uses Manny MUA's Photo As An Example For 'Improper Grooming For Men'

And he responded.
PHOTO: Instagram/mannymua733

UPDATED on January 18, 2019, 3:11 p.m.: Leyte Normal University has responded to the viral photo. In a post on the LNU-Supreme Student Council Facebook page, a letter addressed to Manny, Bretman, and "to the others whose images appeared" offered their "sincerest apology." They continued, "We would also like to inform you that the University has taken steps to correct such action as follows:

"1. The University President has issued a memorandum to all faculty, staff, and students of the University to stop sharing the said poster in all forms of communication most especially the [sic] social media.

"2. The said poster has been removed from the University Student Council's Facebook page.

"3. The University has e-mailed the public apology to you." 

Read the complete official statement below:

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UPDATED on January 17, 2019, 4:02 p.m.: Bretman Rock has responded on Twitter. He wrote, "First of all, my outfit is so cute. And second of all, how will wearing that affect a student's learning, and why that picture I have cuter lewks lol."


Yesterday, Twitter user @ThePencilPushe1 uploaded a photo showing Leyte Normal University's rules on "inappropriate hairstyles for students" with the caption, "Is that @MannyMua733?"

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The photo, which labeled brightly colored tresses and long hair for guys as "inappropriate," also included a section on "improper grooming for men." Underneath it were photos of men with facial hair, piercings, makeup (Where Manny MUA's picture was used), and effeminate clothes.

Manny eventually responded, "I've been tagged in this so much today...Yes, that's me. Yes, they're using me as an example of what NOT to do at school. A school having a problem with a man wearing makeup? Shockinggggg"

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And people on the internet were noooot having it with the school's rules. One user replied to Manny's tweet, "I thought we left this bullshit in 2015?"

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While another said, "it is inappropriate to SERVE looks at this school, u will be b expelled," to which Manny replied, "Guess I'm being homeschooled!"

It turns out, Manny wasn't the only YouTuber featured in the university's photo. User @aengelah revealed Bretman Rock was in it too, albeit cropped.

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Here's the original picture:

As of this writing, Leyte Normal University has not responded regarding the issue. But @ThePencilPushe1 did post an update:

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