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Attention: You'll Want To Try All These Pretty Mauve Manicure Ideas ASAP

Get ready to see these looks all over your IG feed.
PHOTO: (LEFT TO RIGHT) Instagram/amyle.nails, Instagram/paintbucketnails

Here's the thing: Even though I have about eight million nail polish bottles in my collection, I still have a hard time veering away from my regular shades. But after noticing a shit ton of mauve nail ideas on my Instagram feed lately, I'm officially inspired to branch out. IMO, the coolest thing about mauve is that there are so many shade variations—whether you're looking for something soft and subtle or deep and rich. And to prove it to ya, I went ahead and found the 20 prettiest mauve manicures worth trying immediately, along with all the polishes you'll need to recreate 'em. Tell your old polishes I'm sorry.

  1. This Wavy Mauve Manicure

    The combination of light pink and deep mauve makes this wavy manicure extra cute. File your nails in a smooth round shape to really bring this look home.

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  2. These Classic Mauve Nails

    You can't go wrong with a classic mauve manicure. Opt for a polish that's extra rich and glossy to really take your nails to the next level.

  3. This Sparkly Mauve Manicure

    Finish off your mauve manicure with a sparkly topcoat to add an extra somethin' to your look. Bonus points for recreating this cute almond shape too.

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  4. These Tonal Mauve Nails

    Can't decide which shade of mauve you like best? Grab your five favorite polishes and try this tonal manicure instead. Pro tip: There's no right or wrong way to layer your colors, so just have fun with it.

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  5. This Marble Mauve Manicure

    This style is definitely a little complex (especially if you're a nail-art newb), but there's something so damn pretty about a classic mauve mani with all-over marble detailing. Brush up on your DIY skills or save this one for your next nail appointment.

  6. This Negative-Space Mauve Manicure

    Grab two shades of mauve (one light and one dark) and recreate this pretty negative-space mani. My favorite thing about this idea? It's a great option for short nails.

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  7. These Mauve and Gold Nails

    Trying to incorporate some ~glitz~ into your mauve manicure? Start with a clean, light-purple base and add some detailing with a sparkly gold polish.

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  8. This Multi-Colored Mauve Manicure

    Fun fact: Mauve nails actually look great with a handful of polish colors, as evidenced by this combination of yellow, gray, and berry mauve.

  9. These Gray-Mauve Nails

    If the pinkier mauves aren't really your thing, you'll love this subdued gray option. Zoom in and you'll notice this nail artist topped off her look with teeny strokes of gold. Cute, right?

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  10. This Plum-Mauve Manicure

    If you need a break from your regular ~stormy~ nail polishes (see: black, gray, and more black), you can't go wrong with a rich mauve. I love how this shade leans a bit more purple.

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  11. These IG-Worthy Mauve Nails

    Another option that miiight be best for professional nail artists, these dark-mauve nails look so pretty with gold-foil detailing. Leave part of your nail bare for a nice little contrast.

  12. These Round Mauve Nails

    Mauve doesn't have to read super moody, btw. This pink shade looks great on its own (I mean, talk about glossy), but gold or silver detailing is always a smart add-on.

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  13. This Mauve and Orange Manicure

    A fun but unexpected color combo? Lavender mauve and bright tangerine. If negative-space manis aren't in your skillset, try recreating this vibe with alternating polish colors on each nail.

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  14. This Cow-Print Mauve Manicure

    IDK about you, but I'm a sucker for anything cow print these days. Throw some mauve into the mix with this French-tip inspired manicure.

  15. This Abstract Mauve Manicure

    Don't be afraid to get a little abstract with your mauve nails. This blend of mauve, berry, white, and blue nail polish is a great way to experiment with color.

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  16. These Water Marble Mauve Nails

    Water marbling definitely takes some practice, but it's very much doable if you take your time (psst: I'd start by watching a few YouTube tutorials). IMO, this is the perfect complement to mauve nails.

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  17. These Mauve Glitter Nails

    Vibrant purple glitter against mauve nails is always a winning combination. Pro tip: Use a crystal nail file to make sure your edges are as smooth as possible.

  18. These Subtle Mauve Nails

    A softer approach to mauve nails, this subtle polish is a great year-round color. Just make sure you invest in a good base coat to keep your mani looking fresh.

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  19. This Mauve and Tortoise Manicure

    TBH, I always love the idea of having a statement nail on each hand. This mauve and tortoise duo is a great way to liven up your usual manis.

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  20. This Rosy Mauve Manicure

    The perfect summer shade, this bright mauve polish is a great option if you're looking for something a bit pinker. Finish off the look with round edges and clean cuticles.


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