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Miss Traveling? These Perfumes Will Remind You Of Your Fave Vacation Destination

They have citrus and floral notes that will keep you feeling fresh all day.

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Raise your hand if a scent has ever transported you to another time and place in your life. That’s because scents can evoke memories and bring to mind different places. They can even take you back to your favorite travel destinations. And if you’re feeling nostalgic about your favorite island getaways, then you should ~definitely~ try the Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue perfume range.

These perfumes are summer fragrances through and through—but they can definitely be worn year-round. In fact, they were inspired by warm sunny days spent basking in Sicily. ICYDK, this year marks the 20th launch anniversary of the range that started with its groundbreaking original Light Blue Eau de Toilette.

Check out the perfumes in the lineup and what they have in store for you.

Light Blue Eau de Toilette

Fresh, floral, and fruity Light Blue Eau de Toilette bottles the essence and sensuality of a carefree summer day. The experience opens with Sicilian cedar, crisp apple, and a hint of bluebell. Then, it transitions to sensual scents of jasmine and white rose, but with the freshness of bamboo. What lingers afterward are the scents of citron wood, spicy amber, and light musk.

Dolce&Gabbana describes Light Blue’s story as that of a man and woman who meet on a sparkling summer day, so if you're looking for a scent that will remind you of beach dates with your S.O., this is it! This iconic perfume has even won awards, including the century’s most groundbreaking scent

Light Blue Eau Intense

The Light Blue saga continues with the Light Blue Eau Intense. Perfumer Olivier Cresp evokes the aura of Mediterranean beauty, seen in its bottle’s feminine and sophisticated design.

Compared to Light Blue Eau de Toilette, this scent holds back on the citrus scents to let its floral notes shine. The scent begins with lemon and a sweet Granny apple, which leads to a wave of rich jasmine and marigold. It ends with warm, spicy amber and light musk. It's perfect if you want to reminisce about spending your time in lush gardens during spring. 

Light Blue Forever Eau de Parfum

The limited-edition Light Blue Forever Eau de Parfum captures the spirit of eternal love and long summer days by the Mediterranean sea. This new twist to the cult classic brings a deeper fruity-floral fragrance due to its orange blossom heart notes.

The scent opens with fresh, citrusy lemon and sweet Granny apple, which transitions into warm orange blossoms and sweet white flowers. It then leaves a trail of rich, citrusy Virginia cedar, cashmere wood, and light musk.

Whichever fragrance you choose, you'll be able to find your signature scent and fondly remember your vacations and island getaways with the Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue range. 

If you want to find your newest signature scent, you can check out Dolce&Gabbana Light Blue perfumes at Rustan’s and on Rustan’s official website.

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