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Moira Dela Torre Claps Back To A Body-Shamer Who Said Men Prefer Sexy Girls

Moira's clapback to a netizen about her weight
PHOTO: Instagram/moiradelatorre

Despite her angelic voice and sweet personality, singer Moira Dela Torre isn’t afraid to stand up for herself—and her latest clapback against a body-shamer is proof.

On Facebook, she penned the best yet still gracious retort to one netizen who gave her a piece of unsolicited advice about her weight. “ Konting push na lang. Yan na ba talaga katawan mo ngayon? Not to offend ha, Ms. Moira. Para aware ka na, you know mga lalaki katawan din tinitingnan,” the netizen wrote as a comment on one of her posts. 

PHOTO BY Instagram/moiradelatorre

Instead of responding angrily, the Paubaya singer, who recently called it quits with estranged husband Jason Hernandez, kept her cool. She started by thanking the netizen, then proceeded to school her in the most courteous way possible. “Thank you po, but not to offend din po, pero kung magpapapayat man ako, gagawin ko po para sa sarili ko, and not just so I could keep a guy. 


“At the end of the day, every person deserves someone who can love them and be faithful to them in all of their phases, in every season—sickly, healthy, thin or fat.”

She ended by sharing an inspiring message. “I hope you’re eating well and that whoever you’re with knows your value and your worth whatever size you are.”

PHOTO BY Facebook/Moira Dela Torre

Moira’s response is a good reminder that women should never be interrogated for their bodies, let alone be subjected to the society's unrealistic beauty standards, where sexist notions of a patriarchal system tend to rule. Her response is the perfect clapback against body-shamers: All body shapes and sizes are worth celebrating, and no woman should let anyone else dictate how she should feel about herself.

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