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27 New Year's Nail Designs And Ideas That Are Too Pretty Not To Try

They’re as bright and shiny as 2021 is about to be. *crosses fingers*
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At this point in the year, I'd normally be asking myself "Can you believe we only have like one more month left of 2020!?" But in These Times, the question I'm asking myself is definitely more along the lines of "Um how the %&$* is it still 2020?!?" I'm just SO ready to fast forward to New Year's Eve, get all glammed up (yep, I'm still doing my makeup, hair, and nails even though I'll likely just be sitting in my apartment), and celebrate what's to come in 2021. So to help you get in the spirit to ring in the new year (you can never start too early, right?), I've rounded up the 27 best New Year’s Eve nail designs for you to wear while sipping champagne on your couch this December 31st. They're easy to DIY and hella cute too.

  1. Sparkly stones and silver stars

    Can't paint inside the lines? No prob! You don't need to be good at applying polish to pull off these New Year's nails, so put away the nail polish kit. Grab some stones and stickers and get to gluing instead.

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  2. New Year's Eve fireworks nails

    If your favorite part of New Year's Eve is the firework show, let that inspire your nail look. These purple, holographic nails with tiny little stars might be as close as you get to fireworks this year.

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  3. Chrome color-changing nails for New Year's Eve

    What better way to toast to the changing of the years then with some color-changing nails? These chrome nails can look gold, pink, or even green, depending on the angle.

  4. French manicure with pastel polish

    This isn’t your basic French manicure. Take it up a couple of notches with pastel tips in different shades. 

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  5. Gold foil New Year's Eve nail design

    If you're not all that into nail art, try a few gold-accented accent nails on a base of nude polish to match your New Year's Eve outfit and accessories.

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  6. New Year's Eve metallic nails

    If you don't want to go with flat black nail polish, try a gunmetal shade in a metallic finish. These almond nails look like the perfect combination of silver and black—two of the most popular New Year's nail colors.

  7. This pearl nail design for New Year's Eve

    Even if you're not into pearls around your neck, I can guarantee you'll be into these pearl-studded nails. Nail art hack: Use a wax pencil to easily place your tiny studs so you don't end up with a giant, sticky mess.

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  8. Iridescent glitter ombré nails

    If you want a nail art look that mimics the look of snowflakes but also captures the festive energy of New Year's Eve, this sparkly iridescent nail look does all of the above without being totally over the top.

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  9. Silver glitter strands for New Year's Eve

    What is New Year's Eve without a makeshift photo booth, featuring a tinsel backdrop that still has the creases in it?! These cool wavy glitter lines along the sides of the nails is what your tinsel wishes it looked like.

  10. New Year's Eve gold metallic tips

    If your look is all about the details, paint the tips of your French manicure with gold nail polish that matches all your accessories so you're dripping in gold in more than one way.

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  11. Mixed metal confetti nail design

    Maybe these look like champagne bubbles to you or maybe you see these and think of confetti. Either way, these holiday nails have "party" painted all over them.

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  12. Holographic and gilded nails

    New Year's Eve is all about doing the absolute most, so rather than choosing one nail trend for your party, go with them all! Start with a trendy oval nail shape, then add a couple coats of holographic glitter nail polish, and finish with some touches of gold.

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  13. Confetti popper pearlescent nails for NYE

    If you were to sweep up the glitter on the floor after the party (hi, Taylor Swift), and then slap it on your nails, this would be the look. If you plan on popping any confetti at midnight, might as well wear a mani that goes with it.

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  14. Crystal chandelier nails

    Even if you'll only be partying at home with your parents this year, you can still swing from the chandelier while wearing a baller nail look to match.

  15. Black and gold nails for New Year's Eve

    This metallic and matte mani ties together two classic NYE colors with a modern coffin nail shape for a look that's both timeless and trendy.

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  16. New Year's Eve champagne nails

    Want a little bit of sparkle but don’t want to be too ~extra~? Try out this nail art—play around with shapes by pairing a super-cute glitter triangle with a nude base coat.

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  17. Gold nails with stars

    TBH, what’s a New Year’s nail design without a couple of stars? Go for this striking gold color and pop a star on each nail to complete the look.

  18. Sparkly jelly nails for New Year's Eve

    The jelly nails trend is still going strong—hop on the train with these glitzy nails for the New Year. I mean, how pretty are these? They’re basically made for the KiraKira app.

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  19. These New Year's Eve neon flame nails

    Okay, so neon polish gives off more of a tropical, summer nail vibe, but New Year’s is all about being bright and bold, so why not go for these fire (sorry, had to) neon flame nails?

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  20. This gold star New Year's Even nail design

    If you want a simple yet chic New Year’s nail design, look no further. These minimalistic gold stars will level up any nude mani.

  21. These New Year's Eve marble nails

    These marble nails will legit look like works of art on NYE. Add some sparkle by gluing on a few studs and rhinestones.

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  22. This gilded New Year's Eve nail design

    Take a page out of Gigi Hadid’s book and copy these nails for your New Year’s look. While Gigi has the number 23 on her nails (these were for her 23rd birthday), paint a “21” on your nails to rep the upcoming year.

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  23. These NYE glitter stripes

    Usually, “glitter” and “subtle” don’t really go together, but these stripes are all the proof you need. It’s a fun pop to add to any bare nail.

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  24. Sparkly studs for New Year's Eve

    Don’t have time to do a full-on manicure? This nail art design was basically made for you—just tack on a couple of studs and you’re good to go.

  25. Rosé gold drip

    How dope is this New Year’s nail design? These kinda remind us of the glitter tears Euphoria makeup look...but on your nails instead.

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  26. These tips dipped in gold glitter

    The trick to packing on the glitter without having to paint a million coats is to first paint the nail polish onto a cheap sponge. Once the sponge is covered, use it to press the flecks into place.

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  27. These black and gold nails

    Brighten up a dark winter nail color by scattering gold star flecks across your nails. They don’t have to be perfect—the randomness of it makes it look even cooler, IMO.


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