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Nikkie Tutorials Talks About Her Negatively Reviewed 'Power Of Makeup' Too Faced Collab

'I was naive & didn’t know better.'

Shane Dawson's latest YouTube series: The Beautiful Life of Jeffree Star has so far been a revelation. Not only have we learnt that Jeffree travels with an armed bodyguard at all times, but in the latest episode Jeffree revealed that he earned $20,000,000 (P1billion!!!) from the sales of a new eyeshadow palette launch.

Yep, you read that right, TWENTY MILLION DOLLARS.

The conversation came up when Shane and Jeffree were discussing their soon-to-be launched eyeshadow palette, and Shane asked Jeffree to be completely transparent about the money involved in the beauty industry and Jeffree Star Cosmetics.

When it came to discussing the percentage Shane would get from the palette, Jeffree revealed he would give him between a 25 and 30 percent cut.

Which, FYI, is around $5,000,000 (P259 million)...

Explaining that this was a fair deal for Shane, Jeffree referenced Nikkie Tutorials collab with Too Faced where he claimed she accepted a flat fee of $50,000 (P2.6 million) regardless of sales. "That was it, she made no money from the palettes, the brand went on to sell over $10,000,000 (P518 million) of product."

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While $50,000 seems like a lottery win to most of us, it pales in comparisons to the $5,000,000 Shane is expecting to make.

Now, Nikkie has seemingly confirmed Jeffree's allegations with a series of Tweets acknowledging that it was her own fault for signing the contract and being "naive," however she then went on to accuse Too Faced of changing the quality of her palette behind her back.

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ICYMI, when Nikkie's "The Power of Makeup" collab launched, it received negative reviews online, with people claiming the shadows were of poor quality and didn't seem to match the swatches in Nikkie's reveal video.

Nikkie's latest claims suggest that despite having her name on it, the palettes that were sold, weren't actually approved by her.

Too Faced has not responded to the allegations but one things for sure, we can't wait to see what other dark beauty secrets episode 3 is going to reveal...

We have reached out to Too Faced for comment.

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