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The Most Random Thoughts Pinays Have When They're At The Nail Salon

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When we're in dire need of a self-care and pampering sesh, one of the best ways to spend our day is at the nail salon. The cheery atmosphere and relaxing ambiance is the perfect way to cap off a stressful week of deadlines, meetings, and sleepless nights.

But when we're sitting in the chair for quite a long time (looking at you, gel manicures), our minds tend to wander. We know we're not alone in this ~phenomenon~, so we decided to ask the girls over at Cosmo Mixers (our fun group which you should totally join) to share their train of thought whenever they're at the nail salon. Read on for their hilarious answers:

Going to the nail salon is usually the best kind of "me time."

  • "I deserve this pamper day!" -Angel
  • "Best regular gift to self ever." -Nikki
  • "It's too much of a hassle to be on my phone, so I do nothing, I think of (almost) nothing. At most, there may be some small talk with the technician of the day. But quietly watching them do their thing, zoning out on that is the best part." -Jewel

You're always stuck when it comes to picking the ~*right*~ color.

  • "Sure na ba 'ko sa kulay na pinili ko?" (Five minutes later) "Ate, wait. Pwede pa ba pumili ng kulay?" -Janessa
  • "Does the color match my skin tone?” -Yela
  • "Parang gusto kong palitan yung color...” -Jemica


Let's be real, the hardest part is paying at the counter and going back to doing your regular activities.

  • "How do I get stuff inside my bag without ruining my mani OR how long bago matuyo??!" -Tiffany
  • "How do I get my money from my bag?" -Creole
  • "Sino kaya pwede maghugas ng mga plato mamaya?" -Kan-de
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Once you step out of that salon, you really just hope for the best and look forward to your next appointment.

  • “Sana hindi masira kaagad...” -Lou
  • "How long will my gel nails last this time?" -Jen
  • "What color should I pick next week?" -Jana

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