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Do You Ever Use Up All Your Beauty Products? This Movement Will Inspire You To!

#Projectpan and #empties are here to change your consumer ways.
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Instagram is a great place to ogle at envy-worthy shelfies. It's also where we discover cool products with pretty packaging and interesting benefits. We won’t deny it: Instagram is where we usually find the next thing we’ll add to our beauty stash. But this time, notable hashtags are changing the way we think as hype-driven consumers.

When you click on the hashtags #projectpan and #empties, you’ll see photos of eyeshadows, blushes, and powders that have hit the pan and used up bottles of shampoos and skincare. Seeing how the items have served their purpose well is satisfying to look at. The pics also indicate that the products really worked!

They really used them up!

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These pics are soothing.

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Beauty influencers like Kryz Uy and Tati Westbrook have shared their #empties, too!

Beauty & Skincare Empties (Over 20 products!!) | Kryz Uy
PRODUCT EMPTIES | What I'd Buy Again

We know it’s hard to stop ourselves from buying whatever's trendy, but the online movement of #projectpan and #empties opens us to the concept of mindful shopping: Buying only what you need.

Mindful shopping stops you from spending on unnecessary items—those that won't get properly utilized and will just accumulate space. Sayang lang. It also prevents buyer's remorse. This concept not only applies to beauty products but everything else: Clothes, shoes, bags, gadgets, and even groceries. 

To help you think like a mindful shopper, ask these questions before you buy:

  1. How often will I use this?
  2. Does its price fit my budget?
  3. Do I already own a similar item?
  4. Are the product's promises worth a try?
  5. Do I really need this?

After you've answered the following questions, evaluate and think if you still need to buy the item. With practice, we can all make better purchasing choices and reduce waste.

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