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33 Pretty Purple Nail Designs You'll Want To Try Immediately

We're obsessed.
PHOTO: (LEFT TO RIGHT) Instagram/nailsbymh, Instagram/narinanails

It might be the color of your least favorite Teletubby, but that doesn't mean purple shouldn't be your new favorite nail color.

Whether it's the softest pastel lilac or the deepest aubergine, there is a shade for everyone. From glitter to ombre, gel to polish, natural, to acrylic, we rounded up the best purple nail art designs on Instagram so you can save them to your Pinterest board.


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  1. Pastel tips

    This soft, airbrushed, ombre design is enough to convince us to get our acrylics back.

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  2. Purple jelly

    Jelly nails were one of the biggest trends of 2019/2020 and with the '90s resurgence, they don't look like they're going anywhere.

  3. Purple haze

    Three shades combine for this smoky DIY manicure.

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  4. Barely there

    Clear acrylic tips are one of 2019's biggest nail trends. This cloud design has us channeling our inner Ariana Grande.

  5. Short but sweet

    We love this perfect purple color and it just goes to show you don't need acrylics.

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  6. Gradual gradient

    For a different approach to ombre nails, try graduating your color on each finger.

  7. Ombre tips

    Seeing as we struggle with a french manicure at the best of times, we think we'll leave these ombre tips to the professionals.

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  8. Straight out the '80s

    Try a duo-chrome purple for nails that remind you of your favorite My Little Pony.

  9. Flip reverse it

    Can't pick just one design? This manicure combines both a reverse French and an ombre nail in one.

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  10. Crystallized

    Add some healing powers to your fingertips with this crystal geode inspired design.

  11. Muted mattes

    If you can't give up the shine completely, add some metallic foil to your matte manicure.

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  12. Candy stripes

    For nails as pastel as sugared almonds, try press-ons.

  13. Send nudes

    Inspired by your most (or least) used emoji.

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  14. Short and sweet

    Proving that you don't need long nails to standout colors, we love this bright AF purple.

  15. Color blocking

    We love the simplicity of this two-tone design by Paintbox Nails in NYC.

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  16. Twinkle tips

    Bored of your regular French manicure? Switch your traditional white for the palest lilac.

  17. Purple skittles

    Can't decide on one shade of purple? With this manicure, you don't have to.

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  18. Gradual gradients

    If you've got a steady enough hand, use four different shades to emulate this gradient design.

  19. Say what you mean

    Add some gothic typeface to really express your inner feelings.

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  20. Barbie glitz

    Ditch the classic red and save this as inspiration for your Christmas manicure.

  21. Mix and Match

    Indecisive? Pick a manicure that combines four different designs.

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  22. Acid wash

    Forget your T-Shirt and tie-dye your nails.

  23. Head in the clouds

    Something tells us that this is Ariana's favorite manicure design.

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  24. Neon bolts

    We're calling it... Periwinkle purple.

  25. Slime drips

    Remember what we said about purple and green?

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  26. Tribal designs

    Get creative with your nail art and experiment with different shapes and finishes.

  27. Perfect pastel

    Sometimes you don't need a fancy design for nails that stand out.

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  28. Mauve over

    Because purple is not just for summer.

  29. Pastel flames

    A combination of our two current favorite trends: clear acrylics and painted flames.

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  30. Monsters Inc.

    One for all you Sully fans out there.

  31. Minimal shapes

    The perfect beginning for those of you just dipping their toes into the world of nail art.

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  32. Shine a light

    These sparkly nails remind us of something straight out of Disney World.

  33. Purple chains

    If you don't want an understated look, add some nails gems and jewels.

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