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20 Easy Ways To Wear Rainbow Nails This Summer

Why settle for one color when you can have all seven?

As a child, one of my favorite thing’s to draw is a rainbow. I mean, how can you not draw something that allows you to use seven different colors from your crayon box? Also, if you are like me and you grew up watching The Care Bears, Rainbow Brite, and My Little Pony—rainbows are basically part of your visual diet.

While my go-to colors border on the darker spectrum there’s still something about the rainbow hues that still catch my eye. And just like the sunny summer months ebbing its way into my closet, my choice of nail polish tints are starting to show some much-needed vibrance. I’ve rounded up some colorful mani inspos you can try out yourself or have your fave nail tech recreate for you. Most of these are DIY friendly!

  1. Pastel duo

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  2. Lisa Frank + cheetahs

  3. Milk and confetti

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  4. Tie dye for

  5. Skittles + ring finger rainbow accent

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  6. Jelly nails + Care Bear Pantone

  7. Donut sprinkles

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  8. Watercolor wash

  9. This crystal piñata party

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  10. Holo glitter tips

  11. How about this dope gradient?

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  12. Technicolor paint splatter

  13. Negative spaces + rainbow stripe

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  14. Chromatic reptile

  15. Chunky glitz

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  16. An adorable cartoon rainbow

  17. Hand painted smiley faces

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  18. Pastelicious mermaid gradients

  19. Colorful French arches

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  20. Metallic ROYGIBV

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