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7 Beauty Trends Joy From Red Velvet Is Always Wearing

She makes us want to get full bangs!
PHOTO: instagram/_imyour_joy

Park Soo Young, more commonly known as Joy, is the lead rapper and vocalist of K-pop girl group Red Velvet. She stands out not only because of her height (she's the tallest one in the band!) but also because she has an amazing voice and incredible style. A quick scroll through her Instagram will also reveal that the 23-year-old idol is fond of selfies and all things beauty. That said, we decided to stalk her grid to find out all the trends she's obsessed with. Keep on scrolling for your next inspo:

  1. Long hair

    Joy has always been ~experimental~ with her tresses throughout the years. Remember her soft brown lob, blonde to yellow gradient with full bangs, and dip-dyed green locks? Overall, we think her long hair will always be iconic.

  2. Full bangs

    Joy brought back her full bangs during the latter part of 2019, and we think it pairs well with her long hair! (In case you want to copy her lewk, here's an ~easy~ tutorial *wink*.)

  3. Blotted red lip

    Joy prefers a blotted lip more than opaque lipstick application. Its the perfect way to try out a red lippie without worrying if you look too OTT.

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  4. Nail art

    Joy is a big fan of fun manicures and nail art, and we're happy to report that you can easily recreate them as they don't look *too* complicated to DIY!

  5. Hair accessories

    The K-idol uses different hair accessories to accentuate her long tresses.

  6. Radiant skin

    Scroll through Joy's Insta feed and you'll be greeted with an abundance of beautiful selfies, all with glowing, radiant-looking skin. It's no wonder eSpoir, a famous Korean cosmetics brand, chose her to become one of their ambassadors!

  7. Soft red eyeshadow

    Something that's consistent in K-beauty is their love for soft washes of color on their lids. Joy likes applying red eyeshadow with a light hand to emphasize her eyes.

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