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5 Beauty Trends Seulgi From Red Velvet Is Always Wearing

We're in love with her style!
PHOTO: instagram/hi_sseulgi

Kang Seul-gi, more known as her mononym Seulgi, is the lead vocalist and main dancer of Red Velvet, one of the most popular K-pop girl groups right now. Her talent and passion for her craft is already undeniable, so we'd like to focus the spotlight on all the beauty trends the 26-year-old idol is obsessed with. Keep on scrolling to know more:

  1. Different hairstyles

    Seulgi loves experimenting with her hair, often styling it into braids, updos, and even fun little space buns!

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  2. Bangs

    Looking through Seulgi's Instagram will immediately tell you two things: She has an affinity for both film cam photos and bangs. Full, curtain, and sheer—she has done them all!

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  3. Hair accessories

    In case you needed another push to start using hair accessories again, Seulgi loves them, whether it's to amp up her look or to simply part her bangs away.

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  4. Minimal makeup

    Unless she's dolled up for a performance or photoshoot, Seulgi prefers a ~minimal~ approach to her makeup look. It's usually composed of softly filled-in arches, puppy-style eyeliner, the tiniest hint of blush, and a matte tint.

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  5. Warm-toned makeup

    For her makeup looks, Seulgi usually reaches for warmer tones to contrast her fair complexion.

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