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Rei Germar Reflects On The Ups And Downs Of Being A Content Creator

PHOTO: Mark Jesalva

From August 31 to September 1, we held the biggest beauty and wellness festival in the metro—the Cosmopolitan BEAUTYCON. Hundreds of Cosmo girls flocked to the SMX Convention Center to shop their hearts out and listen to their fave celebs and influencers' inspiring talks.

One of the ~most-awaited~ speakers of Day 2 was Rei Germar, a YouTuber, influencer, and content creator. Her segment was calledWhat You See Is What You Get: This Is Real, This Is Me. 

She talked about what it's like to be a content creator—how she deals with various issues related to her job, juggling her time between work and her personal life, and her plans for the future.

According to Rei, the most challenging part of her job is dealing with privacy. "By putting your life online, you're kind of giving people a right to have a 'say' in it," she said. But, she's also aware that she can't expect much confidentiality anymore since "80 percent" of her daily activities is out on the internet for everyone to see.


She also had to learn where to draw the line between the things she can and can't share, especially considering the fact that her family is much more ~private~.

Moving on to the lighter questions, when Rei was asked what she does when she's not vlogging, she quipped, "Kailan 'yon?" But her ~*real*~ answer? "I usually book a last-minute beach trip with my boyfriend [Migy] and I try to have a day without my phone." She also shared that she recharges by watching K-dramas! Glad to know that Rei is just like the rest of us, LOL.

Watch Rei's full segment here (she answered some questions from lucky fans, too!):

Watch Rei Germar's full segment about her life as a content creator.

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