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24 Pretty Rose Gold Nail Designs To Upgrade Your Regular Manicure

From chrome, to glitter, to foil and more.
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/mytownhouseuk, (RIGHT) Instagram/drybylondon

If there's one nail color that has yet to go out of style it's rose gold. We still can't get enough of that pinky metallic, but if you thought you'd experimented with every shade of rosé, think again.

We've trawled Instagram to bring you a roundup of the very best rose-gold nail designs. Yup, whether you're looking to try a glimmering chrome effect, a flash of glitter, or a high-shine foil finish, these are the looks to try. From natural nails to acrylics, every shape and length is covered.

Don't even attempt to paint your nails without reading this first.

  1. Pink satin

    If you don't want to go full metallic, try using strips of rose gold over your regular cream polish.

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  2. Glitter stripe

    Opt for a glossy pale pink base with a stripe of rose gold glitter down the center.

  3. Cuticle shimmer

    Cuticles are the new french tip, so go glam with shimmery copper glitter.

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  4. Rose sparks

    For a subtle hint of sparkle, use a rose gold glitter in a clear base over your regular pink polish and opt for a high shine topcoat.

  5. Mini moons

    Decorate your cuticles with copper mini moons. Love.

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  6. Parallel lines

    We love this intricate nail design using strips of nail foil over a neutral pink base.

  7. Pink foil

    Rose gold leaf is used to give the illusion of molten metal. An easy design for budding nail artists to try at home.

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  8. The new French

    Swap your regular white for a metallic pink and extending midway down the nail. 

  9. Star mapping

    Is it Christmas yet because we've already picked our December nail design?

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  10. It's all wavy

    Waves of cream, pink and rose gold glitter complement one another over a neutral/clear base. Definitely one to book an appointment for.

  11. Simplicity

    We love a simplistic manicure design by choosing just two accent nails. This would make a beautiful mani for a wedding.

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  12. Glitter tips

    By using an ombre effect, concentrating the glitter at the tip of your nail and fading it down you too can have nails like these.

  13. Metallic Aztec

    You're going to need a steady hand for this intricate Aztec effect, or just a really good nail technician.

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  14. Pink jelly

    We're a bit obsessed with these transparent acrylics which remind us of the jelly shoes we wore when we were five years old.

  15. Sophisticated sparkle

    You don't need us to tell you that glitter isn't just for kids, because this updated glitter French does it for us.

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  16. Keep it in the cuticle

    Another super simple design that shows its all about the placement, keeping the rose gold in a neat curve just above the cuticle. 

  17. Golden bees

    We love these Gucci-inspired bees, but if you're not a designer fan, swap out the design for any other nail transfer.

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  18. All eyes on you

    By laying a holographic pearlescent color over a neutral pink you can achieve your own variation of rose gold and let your own nail art designs do the talking.

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  19. Landing strip

    From the pool to the French manicure, to the glitter, this design just screams Elle Woods Harvard application.

  20. All the way

    Sometimes you just need to go full hog as this all out glitter manicure proves.

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  21. Three stripes

    Three strips aren't just for your trainers. We love the mixture of sheer, opaque, and metallic in this design.

  22. Overlapping lines

    We love this combination of white, pink and gold to achieve a modern-day rosé.

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  23. Cubism

    A simple nail design worth getting your own nails in tip-top condition.

  24. Seeing stars

    If you're a fan of The Craft but want a break from all that black nail polish, here's a design for you.

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