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Is A 'Russian Manicure' The Secret To Getting The ~*Perfect*~ Nails?

Plus, local nail techs who offer this technique.
russian manicure
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If you're a big fan of staying on the nail side of TikTok—myself included *raises hand*—then you've probably come across the Russian manicure. It's a nail technique that originated in Russia and is supposedly the key to getting healthy, picture-perfect, and flawless-looking nails that can last you for weeks (!).

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But, as with most things that become trendy on the video-sharing platform, the Russian manicure isn't actually anything new. In fact, it's been a well-kept secret by nail techs and experts for many years now, but it has gained viral status for its meticulous process and equally impressive results. 

Curious about getting one yourself? Ahead, we lay down the 411 on everything you need to know about the Russian manicure, including the process, its benefits, and of course, a list of Pinay nail techs who offer this particular technique. Keep on reading to learn more:


What is a Russian manicure?

First things first, a Russian manicure refers to a *grooming* technique, not a visual style, which sets it apart from similar-sounding trends like the French manicure. It also goes by several other names, including e-file manicure and dry manicure. 

russian manicure

According to Natalie Zheltovski, a Russian manicure expert who has been employing this particular technique since 2016, "A Russian manicure is a combination of precise cuticle work, which can be done using nail bits, scissors, or nippers—depending on the technician—and gel overlay."

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Compared to the usual manicures we usually get done in salons, the Russian manicure is a completely dry process, which means that your nails aren't soaked in solvents or softeners like acetone. Instead, it focuses more on cuticle work which uses e-files or nail drills to remove excess skin around the nail bed to ensure a fresh and clean base.


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What are the benefits of getting a Russian manicure?

  • Longer-lasting results: The Russian manicure's meticulous technique of precise filing, shaping, and cleaning often leads to longer-lasting results. It's the perfect option for busy girls who may not have time to visit a nail salon every one to two weeks!
  • A seamless finish: Since the cuticles are really cleaned and filed during a Russian manicure, the nail polish is really able to sit right on the edge, lending to a cleaner result.
  • Promotes healthy nail growth: This technique prioritizes the health of your natural nails, so it's especially beneficial for people who struggle with fragile, brittle nails.
  • Reduced risk of infections: Cuticle care is a priority in a Russian manicure, which means that the risk of getting cuts or infections is greatly lessened. Say bye to ~*traumatic*~ mani experiences!

What are the risks of getting a Russian manicure?

As with all other nail techniques out there RN, there are still some risks when getting a Russian manicure. For one, it's not recommended to DIY it! If done incorrectly, your nails can be damaged and exposed to a number of wounds or infections.

"The skin that surrounds our nail plate is very sensitive and actually is the one thing that creates a barrier that prevents infections and other types of issues around our nails," says Elizabeth Morris, a gel nail expert and educator.

Since it involves the careful filing and cutting away of the cuticle and surrounding skin, it's best left to the skillful hands of trained professionals. It's also worth doing your own research before committing to a nail tech or salon. "Ensuring that you visit a qualified and experienced practitioner will not only help to eliminate any risk of infection but also reduce the risk of complications if the procedure isn't carried out correctly," says Nina Prisk, a Harley Street aesthetic nurse.


A trained professional also ensures that the various tools used during the service as sterilized properly to prevent infections.

Where can I get a Russian manicure in Manila?

Interested in trying out the Russian manicure technique for yourself? While still a relatively ~*new*~ service in the country, there are a handful of nail techs who offer this service. P.S. They are often fully booked, so make sure to set your appointment in advance to get your preferred day and time slot!

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