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How To Look *Low-Key* Sexy On Your Instagram Pics

Thirst trap but make it art.
Sexy Instagram poses tips
PHOTO: (LEFT TO RIGHT) Instagram/itskcconcepcion, Instagram/lovipoe

We keep on sharing pegs of low-key sexy poses, but we haven't really discussed the basics and ~technicalities~ of taking a good thirst trap photo. Unlike regular selfies and OOTDs, it calls for superb art direction and props.

Curious how you can look photogenic in low-key sexy pics? Tick off these things before setting your phone cam's auto timer.

How to Take Low-Key Sexy Photos On Instagram

  1. Clean up your space.

    We don't want any unsightly random objects peeking through. We don't want to waste a good sexy selfie!

  2. Don't forget about good lighting.

    A cardinal rule in taking good photos: Lighting is everything, BBs! Posing in a well-lit space will help highlight every detail. If you ask us, we favor natural lighting, so pick a spot near a window. A ring light is fine, but it just second place.

    Michelle Dy Low-Key Sexy Instagram Pose
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  3. Choose a winning outfit.

    A thirst trap pic doesn't call for lingerie or bikinis, TBH. You can wear a white tee and jeans and still look HOT. The important thing is to wear an outfit that will make you feel super confident.

    Sue Ramirez Low-Key Sexy Instagram Pose

  4. Make your skin ~*glow*~.

    We're not just talking about your face—we also recommend that you pay attention to your body, too! Apply highlighter on the collarbones, shoulders, and legs for that sexy sheen. To enhance your cleavage, sweep a light layer of bronzer.

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    KC Concepcion Low-Key Sexy Instagram Pose

  5. Play hype music!

    If you find yourself feeling shy, play some good music in the background. Maybe hype workout songs or a steamy playlist will help you channel your inner sex goddess.

  6. Pick a good angle.

    This is the most important factor! Take your face's "good side" into consideration when posing. (If you want a more mysterious vibe, look away from the camera.) You can also shoot from below to lengthen your silhouette.

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    Lovi Poe Low-Key Sexy Instagram Pose

  7. Arch your back.

    When you arch your back, your waist looks smaller and your booty appears fuller!

    Toni Sia Low-Key Sexy Instagram Pose
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  8. Mind your posture.

    If you're not arching your back on purpose, always check your posture. Stop slouching and make your collarbones pop.

  9. Never underestimate the power of your legs.

    The way you position your legs can make or break your pose. If you're standing, place one leg in front or stand on tip-toes to look taller. If you're lying on the bed, bend one leg to make your gams appear longer.

    Chie Filomeno Low-Key Sexy Instagram Pose
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  10. Master that smize.

    Looking sexy in photos isn't all about the poses or the clothes you wear (or lack of it, LOL), it still lies in your vibe! The smize is your best bet, we promise. Here's how to do it: Squint your eyes a little to look seductive and smile with your lips pursed together. Practice smizing in front of a mirror so it will be natural and easy for you to do it when it's picture time.

    Kelsey Merritt Smize Low-Key Sexy Instagram Pose
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  11. Use a filter that will match the photo's mood.

    What vibe are you going for? Happy and ~light~? Go for a bright and vivid photo filter. Mysterious? Try the grainy, vintage effect or B&W hues. Feeling shy? Blur your pics a bit. (Here's our list of photo editing hacks that will make your photos look #aesthetic.)

    Nadine Lustre Aesthetic Low-Key Sexy Instagram Pose
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  12. Always remember that captions are everything!

    The final touch to your photos: Your captions tell something more about your pics. You can be as articulate or as punny as you want. But if you're at loss for words, emojis will do. (Peach emoji, anyone?)

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