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10 Beauty Crimes You Have To Stop Now

Are you guilty?
1. You skip sunscreen.

We love a good tan, but exposing your skin to UV rays sans protection is just silly. In a tropical country like ours, always make sure you slather on at least SPF30 before you step out the door. It’s the best way to prevent premature aging and skin cancer—and it’ll only take you like 5 seconds, 

2. You always sleep late.

Overtime. Facebook stalking. A marathon of your fave series. Ya, we’ve stayed up past our bedtimes for those reasons, too. But here’s the deal: When you don’t catch enough quality Zzzs, your skin suffers (hello puffy cheeks, dark circles, acne, and a zombie-like complexion). They call it beauty sleep for a reason, so make sure you get tons of it.

3. You never take a polish break.

This is especially true if you're addicted to gel manis. Give your nails a break every two weeks and slather on cuticle oil to help ’em dry, brittle nails recover faster.

4. You fall asleep with your makeup on.

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Just. Don’t.

5. You don’t condition your hair.

Nope, you’re not naturally blessed with hair that doesn’t dry out. Conditioning your hair replenishes lost moisture (and helps zap frizz in the process) by bringing back the oils and nutrients that your shampoo washed out. Plus, it’ll make it easier for you to detangle your locks post-shower, too!

6. You still use your expired products and share your makeup.

You do know there are tons of germs and bacteria breeding there, right?

You constantly rub your eyes.

It’s the thinnest skin on your body and where the first signs of aging will show, so make sure you treat it with TLC.

8. You don’t exfoliate.

Wondering why your lotions or moisturizers aren’t working? It could be because you’ve got a barrier of dead skin cells over your bod. When you don’t buff off this rough and patchy layer, all the creams you’re slathering on can’t be absorbed easily by your skin.

9. You’re not drinking enough water.

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Your body needs this to get rid of toxins and to replenish skin cells. If you’re not hydrated from within, you’re going to see the effects of dehydration (like dry skin, lips, and hair) no matter how much you moisturize on the surface.

10. You’re scared to try new things. 

A new moisturizer? A different hair color? A lipstick color you don’t usually wear? You need to experiment more when it comes to beauty, so you can find out what works for you. Here’s proof that it works: When supermodel Karlie Kloss chopped off her locks, her career totally took off.

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