10 Biggest Bronzing Myths Debunked!

Think only morenas can pull off the golden goddess look? Think again. Here's our take on the ten biggest myths keeping bronzer-phobes at bay.

One of the reasons many people get their makeup routine all wrong is they use the wrong products (or shade and formulation) for the wrong purpose. Bronzers are among the products that have been highly misunderstood and misused, so allow us to debunk the many MYTHS about this wonderful beauty basic!

1. Bronzers are only used during the summer months.

Winter, spring, summer, or fall—looking like you have a warm and healthy glow (whether it's natural or not) ALL year long is never a bad thing!

2. Bronzers are only used for the face.

Bronzers can be used for the whole body or wherever there are exposed areas of skin, like on the shoulders, collarbone, and legs. The objective is to even out the "warmth" on your face to the rest of the exposed areas of your body.

3. Bronzers only come in compact or powder form.

Bronzers come in different formulations, depending on the desired effect. Powders are the most forgiving since they can easily be blended out. However, they also wash off just as easily compared to cream or liquid bronzers. For a more semi-permanent finish, there's spray tanning or self-tanners. These come in spray, aerosol, liquid, mousse, gel, or cream forms.

4. Only products sold as "bronzers" are used for contouring.

Marketing and repackaging are very clever ways for makeup brands to sell you more of what you think you need. In the same way that concealer should be two shades lighter than your foundation, bronzer should be at least two shades darker. So, no, you don't have to buy products labeled as "bronzers" since you can use darker foundation to serve the same purpose.

5. Bronzers are shimmer-based only.

Bronzers come in both shimmer and matte finishes, so your choice will vary depending on what kind of look you want to achieve. Shimmers are used for highlighting and bringing out certain features where light would naturally hit—like the brow bone, cheekbones, tip of the nose, shoulders, and collarbone. Matte bronzers are used for contouring or pushing back features you wish to recede—like the hollow of your cheeks, underneath the jawline, the sides of your nose, the temples, and the upper part of your forehead.

6. Bronzers leave you looking orange.

Bronzers comes in various shades like gold, copper, bronze, caramel, cappucino, and honey! They may all seem similar, but a slight change in shade can make all the difference between looking fake or fab. So pick a shade that best suits your skin tone. For a more natural look, Asians should stay away from red undertoned bronzers and opt for yellow or golden undertones instead.

7. Bronzers will give you a darker appearance.

You'll definitely get a deeper skin tone in certain areas of your face and body where bronzer is applied, especially for the matte types, but it's all up to the application. If you want a light wash of color, apply sparingly, as it's easy to layer if you want to go darker. The trick is to blend thoroughly so it looks natural.

8. Only women can use bronzers.

Not at all! Men can use bronzers, too, to add more contours to their face and/or abs. So it looks natural, it is best to achieve a bronzed, trimmed bod with spray tanning, where a mist of tanning solution is sprayed from head to toe. The effect can last from three to seven days.

9. Bronzing products only come in one shade.

Many products in the market help you figure out which shade to use by combining several shades in a single product! These no brainers may come formulated in tiny balls, strips, waves, blocks, or various other designs displaying colors in complementary shades that you can use alone or blended together.

10. Only certain skin tones can pull off using bronzers.

For as long as you as you refer to #4, you can never go wrong with what shade to use on your skin tone! Just always remember that less is more, so when it seems too dark, just blend or buff it out.

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