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10 Things You Didn't Know About Skin Brightening

Cop that glow you've always wanted.

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Nobody wants to look dull and tired. If you’re having a bad skin day and want a brighter complexion, watch the video to get tips on how to get that glow, stat.

Eager to know more about skin brightening? Here are five more things you should try: 

Steer clear of dark-colored clothes.

If you really want to get glowing, work bright or floral clothes into your wardrobe. A pop of yellow, blue, or green in your outfit will brighten your overall vibe—and well, everyone else’s.

Hot days call for hot headwear.

Be the queen of cool. Protect your face from the harmful rays of the sun by wearing a hat to punctuate your outfit. it hides a bad hair day, too!


Stress is high up on the list of Things That Make My Skin Look Super Dull. If you’re under a lot of work pressure, take some time to engage in some physical activity to release all the negative energy. Hit the boxing gym, do a bit of stretching, attend a yoga class, or walk your dog.

Leave your pimples alone. 

Picking on your acne can cause discoloration and scarring that can make your complexion look worse. Use salicylic acid to prevent inflammation or see your dermatologist to take care of the problem. 

Wear sun protection even while you're indoors. 

It's not only when you go outdoors that you should protect yourself from the sun. UV rays can penetrate through glass, which means you aren't really protected when driving or seated close to a window in the office.

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