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20 Virgo Tattoo Ideas That Will Fit Your Perfectionist Nature

I dare you to find something wrong with these.
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Now, Virgo, I know you've been waiting for your time to shine. Quarantine likely has you feeling v unsettled, but you never back down from a challenge. Your driven nature and dedication has probably left you working all day, everyday, especially since your office is now your bedroom. But praise be— Virgo season is around the corner and what better way to step into your glory than by showing off a new badass tattoo.

While the tattoo won't be able to undo all the damage quarantine has inflicted upon your very loyal soul, it'll at least give you an ounce of normalcy. I've done all of the hard work for you and scrolled through Instagram to find you the 20 best Virgo tattoos.

This Constellation Virgo Tattoo

You can't go wrong with a Virgo constellation tattoo, and these colors are so dreamy and mystical (like the Virgo maiden).

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This Moon Phase Virgo Tattoo

This moon phase Virgo tattoo is simple and likely addresses the main reason why you never thought you'd get a moon phase tattoo—most are way too long and would take up a quarter of your arm. This one is just the right fit.

This Wrist Virgo Tattoo

I know leaves can seem a little basic for a tattoo design, but this one is so delicate and pretty, it practically screams "Virgo."

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This Abstract Virgo Tattoo

As a Virgo, you're naturally in tune with nature, and this tattoo is perfect for those who want more than a typical flower tat.

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This Intricate Virgo Tattoo

This very detailed Virgo tattoo speaks to your complex yet beautiful nature—because, lets face it, you look at everything with a critical eye, and this tattoo is perfection.

This Inspirational Virgo Tattoo

Virgo, very few things can get in between you and your goals (shout out to your impeccable work ethic). But on the days you're feeling a little low, this tattoo may be just what you need to hear.

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This Arm Virgo Tattoo

This tattoo is dedicated to that ex who broke your heart—because when a Virgo loves, they love hard.

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This Tree Virgo Tattoo

Virgos have a special connection with nature—I mean, earth is your element. And this transcendent tree tattoo shows just how deep your roots go.


This Sunrise Virgo Tattoo

Virgos are persistent and never back down from a challenge. This tattoo shows off your resilience and determination by reminding you that "the sun will rise and we will try again," because every day is a new beginning.

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This Rib Virgo Tattoo

This tattoo offers a modern twist on the Virgo maiden—a true self-sufficient queen.

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This Tulip Virgo Tattoo

No, tulips aren't the Virgo zodiac flower. But they do symbolize rebirth, and Virgos are constantly planting seeds in their life for growth and prosperity, making this a great tat.

The Flower Virgo Tattoo

Buttercups are the Virgo zodiac flower and you can't go wrong with these vibrant yellow flowers tattooed anywhere on your body.

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This Forearm Virgo Tattoo

You are the puppet master of your universe, and this Virgo tattoo can be your daily reminder.

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This "V" Virgo Tattoo

If you're a true minimalist, this cursive "V" tattoo may be all you need to show your Virgo pride.

This "Star Girl" Virgo Tattoo

Pssst—do you love stars and being a Virgo? Yeah, this star girl design is the perfect Virgo tattoo for you.

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This Times New Roman Virgo Tattoo

This Virgo tattoo is everything. Like, this "V"is clearly a looking glass into the universe.

This Hip Virgo Tattoo

Many people probably think you're an angel because of how dedicated you are in your friendships and relationships. That's why this Virgo tat is perfect—and the placement gives it a little edge.

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This Cursive Virgo Tattoo

While Virgos are certainly out of this world, you can't help the fact that you're intrinsically connected to the Earth. Be a proud Earth sign with this Virgo tattoo.

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This Heart Virgo Tattoo

Virgos are arguably some of the hardest workers—and every now and then you need to remember that self care is key. This fine line Virgo tattoo would look bomb on your arm, wrist, or ankle.

This Behind The Ear Virgo Tattoo

Virgos are not with the BS. This tattoo is a friendly reminder for those who aren't aware (almost like a PSA of sorts).

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