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ATTN: You're About To See These Tattoo Designs Everywhere In 2021

Minimalism still reigns supreme.
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Tattoos have enjoyed a rise in popularity recently, with more people making it a mission to get *at least* one as they grow up. And as with any type of art, certain designs and placements see a rise and fall in prominence over the years. We decided to reach out to Kenneth Abad, a professional tattoo artist at 55tinta, to chat about what he thinks 2021 will bring us in terms of body art trends.

If you're planning to get your *first* piece of body art next year or you just want to add some more designs to your inspo album, here are some of 2021's tattoo trends, as forecasted by an expert. Read on to know more:


According to Kenneth, cover-ups will be big in 2021, due to the overwhelming amount of beginner tattoo artists that are hopping on the bandwagon during the pandemic. Plus, tattoo machines and supplies are available on Shopee and Lazada. Easy access to these tools can cause complications with the way your DIY ink will turn out or heal. It's better to leave the actual tattooing to a professional to avoid any mishaps and to ensure the longevity of your body art.

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Bigger tattoos

Kenneth also foresees the rise of bigger tattoos in 2021, which is a complete contrast from the 2020 trend of tiny ink. If you want a more sizeable body art but you don't want the *pain* that comes along with it, we suggest going for a design that only focuses on linework or one without shading.

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Black and gray ink

While some tattoo trends are all about popular body placements or types of designs, others focus more on the colors used. "Black and gray tattoos are actually becoming popular again. I'm guessing because these colors tend to settle on the skin better over time, giving it a more timeless look," Kenneth divulged. Certain shading techniques can also make your ink look more realistic and "alive," so these hues are perfect for you if you want something with a 3D effect.

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Another cool tattoo trend we'll be seeing more of next year is dot work or pointillism. This involves drawing thousands of tiny dots to create an image that looks solid from a distance. While it requires a lot of precision and technique, you'll be amazed at the texture and dimension it gives your ink!

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Geometric designs

Geometric designs have been big for a few years now, but Kenneth predicts that they'll be making a comeback in 2021. The combination of triangles, circles, lines, and dots make for a cool and unique tattoo!

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Negative space tattoos

Along with the upcoming trend of bigger tattoos come negative space ink. Instead of drawing the actual design, the tattoo artist draws the outline and leaves the design's insides blank. This style is perfect for you if you prefer body art that offers an optical illusion and a lot more depth.

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Minimalism was *big* this 2020, and Kenneth doesn't see any signs of this trend dying down in 2021. According to him, tiny ink allows people to ~experience~ getting a tattoo without the pain that comes along with more detailed designs. Simple script, numbers, shapes, florals, and delicate line tattoos will continue being constant requests made by people next year! 

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